Introduction: MongoDB with PHP


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Anonymous at 16:29 on 25 Feb 2012

Good talk on mongo today. got ideas wherre to use it just by listening

Interesting subject and presented well. I'll. Have to have a play

Interesting topic but considering it's still a bit new thing for a lot of us, I was expecting more of usage cases where the model would excel rather than a manual how to use it. But regardless - worth attending and I will definitely have a go. Thanks.

Always enjoy Derick's code heavy talks. Very practical introduction to the subject. Only criticism would be that the talk felt like it needed more structure, i.e. it felt like the talk almost just stopped rather than reaching a conclusion. Good discussion at the end though and I'm definitely going to be investigating more.

The introduction to Mongo I wanted. Great job.

Anonymous at 10:59 on 27 Feb 2012

Really good introduction to mongo. Made me want to use it everywhere I can!

Very interesting, and plenty of examples. Having used Mongo via an ORM for the best part of a year, I ended up taking away a few interesting tips from this. Makes you realise how much the ORM abstracts away, and how you need to know the technology under the hood really before using one. Thanks!