Masterizing PHP Data Structure 102


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Very nice talk. Useful.

Anonymous at 12:00 on 25 Feb 2012

Anonymous at 12:07 on 25 Feb 2012

Learned a bunch of good techniques! Thx

I enjoyed the talk. Definitely took away some better practises to adopt when writing future code.

Definitely worth attending and knowing there are other and more efficient ways of storing different data types in PHP.

One of my favourites of the conference! Thanks!

Really good talk with a lot of interesting points. Made me want to try out something new, which must mean it succeeded.

Useful, well-presented and interesting. Keep it up:) - this one of the talks I'll recommend or re-present internally. You obviously know your stuff!

Very useful talk - lots of clear examples and lots to take away. Thanks!

Great talk; lots of good facts and figures and examples.