Monitoring your backend for speed and profit


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Awesome infrastructure and visibility into it. Very interesting presentation.

Interesting insight into BBC's backend

Interesting background into BBC's technology stack, good to see open source and commonly used software, not unlike several set ups we've worked on in the past (on a smaller scale of course). Also couldn't believe BBC's whole web infrastructure is served from just 70 servers!

Left this with my brain throbbing. Awesome!
Well presented, speaker obviously knew his stuff and communicated in a clear and enthusiastic way.

Took a while to "get going"

I did appreciated the insight to the BBC infrastructure (pretty amazing) & the background, but took a while to get to the monitoring bit which felt a bit rushed through. The speaker himself said that this was one of the first times he has done this talk, and that felt evident.

But it was useful, engaging, thanks.

Anonymous at 22:11 on 6 Mar 2012

I have to admit, this was the talk I was most looking forward to. I expected there to be a lot of real clever things going on behind a name as big as the BBC. Instead it all seemed a little 'hacky' (but I guess also smart) solutions to cache as much as possible. This topic was the focus of the talk. Touched on dealing with errors/bugs but went no further than checking Apache error logs?! Monitoring (the topic of the talk!) didn't happen until later and even then it was rushed and unclear.

One thing that was irritating was that at the end of the talk, I had some questions and after waiting 15-20 minutes at the front, the speaker walked off towards lunch even though he saw me waiting, talked casually about something unrelated to someone else on the way and when I finally managed to talk to him (while he queued for lunch) then seemed more interested in what they were serving then communicating with me. I thought this sort of interaction was supposed to be what these conferences are about, otherwise what can I get from it that I can't get from a blog post? Very rude and disappointing. The only thing I really took away from this is maybe giving Varnish another shot as a caching tool and working more with VCL.