MySQL Update


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Nice learning about new version, but it was basically a commercial about the new version without any actual SQL examples

Yeah, was really looking forward to this one but there was a dissapointing lack of interesting content. Felt like it was just a push for enterprise.

To say I never enjoyed it would be a lie but I did feel it was a fairly shameless punt of their Enterprise solution, all the awesome features are enterprise only.

I attended about 15 minutes of this talk, and I'm afraid I thought it was simply an Oracle infomercial, which was a bit shortsighted about how companies that are not 'oracle shops' run MySQL in practice. Maybe I missed the good bit.

Minimal technical information. I came to hear about MySQL, not Oracle. Looking into MariaDB as a drop-in alternative.

Anonymous at 00:01 on 7 Mar 2012

I think Dave said at the beginning of the talk he was there to promote the product (or something like that) but still...
I wanted to walk out in the middle of the talk, I'm sorry... :-/