PHP in 2012


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Great start to the day. Rasmus is a great speaker.

Good talk, watch the Etsy video of this talk for extras

Nice talk Rasmus, as usual.

Great keynote, engaging presentation and interesting content. Particularly happy with the inclusion of ZeroMQ and SVM as well :)

Thank you Rasmus. Great intro - lots of great little things to take away.

Engaging as alway. Great intro to the conference

Anonymous at 12:22 on 24 Feb 2012

Good but not great. Dont think this talk is great for a keynote. Too simplistic for it and little food for thought.

Great talk from Rasmus. Good start to a conference.

Good and engaging talk, nice overview of the most important aspect of this conference: PHP

Great start to the day. An inside view of PHP and great to encourage more people to get involved tasting and maintaining. We should all be feeding back the language that keeps most of us employed.

Really enjoyed the keynote speech. was a highlight of the day.

Really good KN, great start to the conference

Great start of the conference!

Great introduction - loved the bit about PHP origins in SSI etc

Great talk. Good to see what's on the horizon with PHP 5.4 along with some potential gotchas. Totally agree with your thoughts on getting to the core of what the code is trying to do. It's great to hear your opinions and philosophy on writing code. Would love to hear more of this.

Liked the talk, amazed at the hashing problem not being solved anytime soon.

How about putting out a reward for it.

Sponsors should be easily found IMHO

Like: $20K price for anybody that comes up with a lightning fast hashing algorithm that produces no collisions (or very few)

Andy, the problem with that is the "very few" part. Even if a collision is super-rare, if it is predictable the bad guys can simply throw cpu power at finding the collisions. They only need to do that once and they now have a list of colliding keys they can throw at any server using that algorithm. So, it needs to not be predictable, but then we run into the problem I talked about related to the fact that we cache hashtables across requests and sometimes over server restarts. So it becomes a bit more involved. We would need to store the random seed with any stored hash table, which is of course possible and is likely the long-term solution to this. But it means a lot of pieces need to change so it will likely need to wait for a major release.

Relaxed style, lots of useful tidbits. Felt like it took a little while for the audience to get into it though. Nice scene setting though with the reminders about where PHP came from and why it is the way it is now.

It was useful to see how PHP evolved over the years. Rasmus helped me realised why PHP is where it is right now and where it is going. Saying that, now I can also agree that we need more PHP devs working on PHP language as I can see hard C influences in the way PHP is being used. Nice, confident style - don't think I would change anything in it - not entirely sure whether it is a good topic for a keynote, but definitely a good talk.

Great start to the conference

Top opening to the conference, and a great talk from Rasmus. Engaging, and a good mix of topics within it.

Anonymous at 10:56 on 27 Feb 2012

great talk from Rasmus

Can't really argue with this talk. Good mix of content, engaging.

Always a pleasure to hear Rasmus. This talk was as good as I expected. Thanks

Interesting history of PHP but the PHP in 2012 was more about "PHP 5.4 features" rather than "what the future holds for PHP in 2012". Relaxed and chatty presentation style went down very well.

great talk