PHP Under The Hood


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Good fun! OpenOffice FTW!

You guys asked for comments so here goes:

The only thing of note you mentioned that wasn't already mentioned by Rasmus is the reference counting, opcodes, and startup/shutdown cycle.

Sadly I already knew those things... so this talk wasn't earth shattering for me.

Nevertheless great presentation

Nice, detailed content. Amusing heckling from Derick and handled well by Johannes, the discussion added to things. Could have been a bit more polished though. I sympathise with you about OpenOffice/LibreOffice, I swear it does those things deliberately to upset you.

I think you handled the oo problems well, in fact it made it more entertaining - which means I remember it better. The subject was well-presented, a bit tongue-in-cheek, adding to your own style of presenting. Hope to see another talk from you soon!

Thanks Johannes, this was one of my favourite talks of PHPUK. As someone with little C knowledge, it was really interesting to see under the hood and start thinking about PHP from the bottom up. I want to know more!

Now I'm off to buy K&R.