Profiling PHP Applications


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Nice talk, lots of good content. I think it would have been better of you'd been able to profile a 'real' PHP app which has performance problems (eg db being slow or inefficient remote calls) - you could have then led the audience through analysis and identification and so on. e g showing a before and after calligraph.

Great talk as always. Agree with GingerDog, the Fibonacci example was probably too simple. Also nice to see examples other than just Xdebug.

Some old friends in Xdebug joined by some CLI tools I wasn't familiar with.

Great presentation

Good talk with lots of examples to try yourself

This talk could have been longer but really enjoyed what was covered.

Picked up some interesting things at this talk, how about making it a workshop next year?

A good in-depth talk by Derick. Lots of content, programs with their plus and minus points.

Anonymous at 12:57 on 6 Mar 2012

Very interesting and in-depth talk.