Recognizing smelly code


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Anonymous at 14:32 on 25 Feb 2012

Really excellent presentation - lots of points to consider when coding. Very clear organised delivery, and just the right length!

Rather good, although common sense really. But at the end of a day it's always good to know what you're doing right and whether others are doing it in the same way. Nicely presented though.

Good talk, would have liked higher tempo to make room for more in-depth examples or combining it with practices on unit testing.

Agree with Kim.

I really enjoyed this talk; one of my favourites of the conference. Well presented, very clear and concise. I sat there cringing and going "Yep, done that" when every smell came up ;-)

Very entertaining presentation, and certainly will make my code nostrils more sensitive in future! ;-)

Quite ironic that the following presentation contained several code examples with smelly qualities, despite the obvious knowledge/experience of the speaker. I get the impression most of us break the rules fairly routinely.

Please could you post the slides somewhere?

Thanks for the feedback everyone! Since it was the first time I did the talk I was wondering if it was in-depth enough, and this feedback really helps me to determine that.

I just uploaded the slides (except for some metaphorical pictures that don't make a lot of sense without the context ;-)) and added the link to the talk description on top of this page.