Scaling Communication with Continuous Integration


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Brilliant talk with lots of interesting info.

Loved it. Good mix of personal experiences, actual tools and processes being used inside Etsy, and general conceptual stuff. Presented in a way that made it easy to pick out bits that are relevant to me and I can take away to implement.

P.S. I did like it more though when you were "too mean".

Excellent, as always loads of good examples from the battlefield and stuff to take back. Definitely learned a lot and will do my best to put them in practice. Good slidedeck, not drawing too much attention off the speaker and the best Q&A session I have had so far.

Pretty much what Rowan said.

"Smells like unicorn" - definitely a new quote to start using around the office :)

Ditto Rowan.

But great to confirm that we (at my company) are heading in the right direction, and the way this talk was presented was brilliant.

Great talk. You were very engaging with the audience, and great fun to listen to. The real-world examples were good to hear, and lots to take away and implement.

Anonymous at 20:50 on 27 Feb 2012

Thanks a lot for this great talk!