Security audits as integral part of PHP application development


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Excellent. Some great tools tips for checking your sites in development.

Anonymous at 14:43 on 24 Feb 2012

Good talk. Learned quite a bit about security auditing.

Good content and well presentrd. Liked the demo.

Anonymous at 15:23 on 24 Feb 2012

Great talk and thanks for all the pointers to the tools. Funny stories en nice demo, well done.

Thanks Sijmen, your talk was excellent I really learnt a lot

Learnt a lot. Not sure about the demo

Was very good, loved the demo

Loved your talk, consider organising a workshop next year.

Very good. It appears there's definitely a large amount of tools available for free. Good presentation, and I particularly liked the tips such as searching your code for emotive response eg "wtf".

Anonymous at 20:54 on 27 Feb 2012

Excellent talk and well presented. Liked the examples and demo. Thanks Sijmen!

Thanks all for the feedback! I appreciate that a lot! :-)

Excellent talk.