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Tough one. Good panel, but a tricky topic. I wonder if this is better suited to a talk presenting benchmarks for practical examples of how the varying technologies perform in different situations. Didn't really come away learning anything.

Entertaining panel session. Agree with the fact that there wasn't necessarily much to learn from it, it was still good entertainment. Lively, loose, and a good way to end the conference.

Only got going towards the end, and each panel member needed a mic.

Didn't really learn anything new - perhaps a short presentation at the start to get the "fight" going early.

Someone pointed out that at other conferences, the end of day keynotes are presented after the evening beers have come out - I think that is a nice touch, it adds a more social relaxed feel to the end of the day.

However, the panel were really good.

Anonymous at 22:13 on 6 Mar 2012

I was under the impression that this was going to be a talking regarding the pros and cons of NoSQL as a database solution vs SQL. For example, where might a document oriented database better suit a solution rather than a schema based one. Instead it was more focused on software, CouchDB vs MySQL which does help the arguments but the software can change.

Agreed that not much was learnt from this (so what was the point?) and it came across as more of an ego contest.