Teaching Your Machine To Find Fraudsters


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Excellent talk, really enjoyed it. I'm already think of metrics I can apply some of these techniques.

Brilliant and engaging talk by Ian. Loads of information and good food for thought.

Anonymous at 16:43 on 24 Feb 2012

Flawless. Great subject, perfect presentation with usefull code snippets and brilliant speech!

Anonymous at 16:44 on 24 Feb 2012

Great talk well delivered. A very good introduction to the topic with explanations of easily 'pickupable' code in PHP using a new library called lib-svm. THUMBS UP!

Great content, very informative and directly relatable to most online business, will definitely make use of this!

Excellent talk. Lots of interesting ideas. Very well presented and eloquent.

What you'd expect from Ian. Excellent talk with some accessible techniques on how to leverage machine learning to improve your system. Right amount of code examples vs explaining the principles. Ian looks much better with short hair.

True to form a truly great presentation.

The final question from the audience: "Where do you start learning all this?"

Please publish a reading list.

Ian never fails to deliver

Great, fast and entertaining. 6/5!

Great talk. Very well presented

Great talk, third year in a row I've seen Ian present at PHP UK. He always nails it, taking complex topics and breaking them down into easily digestible talks. After attending a few flakey talks earlier in the day I knew Ian's talk would make the conference worthwhile.

On a side note, I think Virgin must be starving him, Ian seems to be more svelte every year!

Well presented indeed. Interesting topic, portioned and fed with ease and a twist of fun. Well done.

Great talk, good introduction to SVMs.

Delicious math and computer science. I want more content like this, you're forced to think. Definitely a distinctive Barberesque style evolving in the slides. The visualisation of the support vector was particularly good.

Excellent talk with a real engineering bits in it. Tones of stuff to learn delivered perfectly as always. A lot of confidence, loved real live examples. Now need to think about how to put it in practice at work!

Really great. Complex topic broken down into easily understandable bits. Looking forward to playing around with lib-svm. Thanks!

Anonymous at 10:58 on 27 Feb 2012

Brilliant talk that covered a lot of issues that I face

Head and shoulders above the other talks - a real professional edge. The content was fascinating and the delivery very engaging.

Superb. Sometimes I wonder if there's anything Ian doesn't know. Always time well spent.

Not your standard talk and for that reason it was very good. Ian is a great speaker.