The Journey towards Continuous Integration


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Good talk. Thanks.

Very interesting, introduction to lots of new software/tech related to QA & CI that I'd not heard of, should be a real help to the business

Good intro to CI and all the moving bits and software that is involved.

Slides were a bit hard to see / read at times, but the talk was interesting and a good overview of real life issues and limitations with CI.

Interesting to hear the experiences, did seem like a lot of screenshots though. I am confident from the way he talked the speaker had extensive experience of setting this stuff up and it would be interesting if he given more of an architectural overview and dwelt more on the ways he tackling the challenges he touched on.

I really liked it. I've already completed level 1 - unit tests and level 2 - jenkins in my projects. Now I know where to go next.

Good introduction to CI and and an overview to the different tools available. Highlighting the differences in different tools and telling why the project moved from one to another was made for an interesting speech.

I enjoyed your talk, I like that you're honest about it taking so long, and not hiding that it's a process. I was hoping it wouldn't be a talk about praising a single product that just magically fixed all of your problems. You certainly met my expectations:). Keep it up!

Really enjoyed this talk. A good honest approach to where you started and where you are now. Also interesting to hear the different perceived values of testing from both a development and management perspective, with the overview vs detailed reports. Lots of ideas to take away from this.

A good talk, but as the title said it was about the journey. As a constructive point I personally would like to have had more technical content, e.g more detail about the reasons for changes. Thanks for the talk, worth hearing.