The Misguided Manager


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Anonymous at 16:22 on 25 Feb 2012

A missed the humour at the beginning - as a few others did on twitter - and for the first few minutes thought "is this for real??". Then the penny dropped and I got the joke. A thoroughly entertaining and relaxed end to the conference for me (I had to catch a train).

A good talk to end the day with. Leaves you wondering if you want to work for big organisations. If I learnt anything it's do what you love and stay doing it.

I missed the joke at the start (that wasn't me complaining on twitter though) - but once I got it, brilliant talk. So true in places.

It did finish a bit early though, and I would have liked to have heard a bit more on how the situations are dealt with. Would have been great to have the last 20mins as a proper workshop.

Great talk; particularly enjoyed the "carrot and stick" unorthodox approach! Lots of (sadly) recognisable elements in there, but very amusing and well presented.

An interesting and refreshingly different talk - well done Zoe for conceiving it and the organisers for accepting it. Favourite quote was about setting business targets based on number of lines of code written. Thought provoking, hilarious and painfully close to home in equal measure.