To a thousand servers and beyond: scaling a massive PHP application


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I think this talk could be way more in depth as people seem really interested in how u guys run Put more meat and other techy details into it. Long live pinky!

Really good to know how grew and scaled - you could easily go deeper into detail as the talk seemed to run a little short. Loved the humour!

Seriously shocking talk. I was amazed how can actually allow their Dev team to exercise such practices. Working off the trunk, hundreds of commits from any developer onto whole platform, etc... Every company I worked for would simply say "No f. Way"... But then again the approach although risky (or even insane) had a lot of good thought put into it. I will definitely research the ways of Deep Pink :)

The most controversial talk at the event, as it seems does everything the exact opposite to what could be considered as the best practices today. Interesting talk anyway.

I think most of us are really afraid of a situation that wordpress embraced: everyone commits to trunk, and can deploy at the push of a button!

However, maybe it is our own short-sightedness (or our manager's) that needs looking at.

After all, isn't that entire concept what Wikipedia is based on? Wisdom of the Crowd...

* Make it easy to undo changes
* Give as many people as possible access to make/undo changes

And the result:
* Critical mistakes are few and far between
* Minor mistakes get fixed almost organically

Definitely something I will consider!

Really fun. Probably the best set of slides at the conference. SAD DEEP PINK! OH NOES!
Potentially could have been a bit more technical but that's subjective so not really an issue.

Session data in a cookie? Wouldn't be my choice, but if it works...

Great talk.

Would have a liked a little bit less "this is what we do at WP" and more "this is what you can do and why/how" but otherwise great.

Work on trunk, commit & deploy... WOW

Anonymous at 11:01 on 27 Feb 2012

Interesting overall but deploy live 100 times a day is defo a fun topic :)

Genuinely engaging talk - delivered expertly. My only reservation is that I would have liked to hear more numbers about the wordpress deployment (how much data pushed through memcache, for example). The Q+A was amusing, but probably not for the right reasons.

Anonymous at 13:20 on 27 Feb 2012

Excellent talk, probably my top pic at the conference. Would like to see an extended / more in depth talk in the future.

This was a really very interesting talk that has prompted a lot of discussion in our team. I think if you say that your devs are commiting and releasing straight to live, you need a bit more on that, like in practice how you do feature flags and so on, but overall well worth an hour of any developer or sysadmin's time.

Anonymous at 20:48 on 27 Feb 2012

Nice to show us the architecture is using. However, I had the feeling that the presentation was a little bit too short and that you could give us some more insight and technical details about the used infrastructure. I liked the humor and Pinky slides :-)