Try { Getting People To Come To A Talk About Exceptions }


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Thanks - Nice zombie references and what could be a pretty boring subject was handled well.

Might have been worthwhile briefly mentioning the PEAR::isError() like functionality. Perhaps ?

Amusing, intelligent, and very well practised. Looking forward to his next talk.

Very confident speaker, with an entertaining approach to the subject.

Very well presented, and very well written slides. All in all an amusing talk on an interesting topic that easily got the message across.

An engaging presentation on an interesting subject, and you even managed to cover a lot on the subject in a very well composed way. Hope you get a bigger room next time! Btw, eating M&M's as I type this:).

Interesting talk. I felt you were slightly nervous at points, but you had an excellent command of the topic and the amusing zombie references kept the talk entertaining. Lots to take away.

A good talk, you held the audience on a difficult topic. I'm pleased I attended.

Excellent talk, definitely one of the most well presented of the conference, seemed able to quite naturally convey the topic with ease.

Thank you.