A Hands-On introduction to writing Unit Tests using PHPUnit


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Good talk and introduction to unit testing.

Anonymous at 15:19 on 23 Feb 2013

As a total unit testing noob this talk was a great intro and the on screen demo was superbly helpful. The flashes of humour helped keep the talk engaging. Between this talk and Marcels TDD I'm on board for TDD!

It was OK as a basic introduction, but I wouldn't touch the topic TDD if there's so little time available. Even though it was a bit too basic for me, there were some new, interesting points such as the CRAP index.

Anonymous at 15:34 on 23 Feb 2013

Good intro to unit testing with phpunit. I took away some valuable info regarding separation and isolation of code. One thing that wasn't covered was how one would write tests/mocks for procedural code?

Great introduction. Good speaker and content at a great level for beginners.

Great introduction, properly done with live examples

Perfectly pitched at beginners, and exactly what I was looking for from this talk. I'll be in work on Monday and writing some tests.

Found this talk very useful and has given me motivation to start some testing!

Delivered exactly what was promised, great talk all round.

Very good practical information delivered, perfect for beginners and what I hoped for.

Great talk, with all the information and details needed to get started writing unit tests. Having written tests for a while now, I wanted to see how other people were doing it and was not disappointed at all. And, @Harrie, congratulations on your live coding - it did not blow up in your face. :)

Filled in all the gaps I needed to finally get my head round actually writing unit tests. Thanks!!

Nice clear intro to using unit testing and possible issues and solutions

Great into to Unit Testing. As one of the, "know I should but don't have the time/think they're too hard" people that Harrie mentioned then this talk has definitely given me the confidence and practical examples I need to get started with unit tests. Second time i've seen Harrie talk and he's an engaging and confident speaker.