Bottleneck Analysis


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Ilia managed to cover every potential bottleneck that might ever need analysing and with enough detail to start me on the path to understanding how to do that analysis, but at a breakneck pace so it'll take me days reading through his slides to get my head round everything he said.... hard to keep up with what he was saying, but well worth it for his insight into some of the less obvious areas that can cause problems, ranging from the overhead of dns lookups in the browser against using multiple cdns, to recognising when memcached hasn't been configured with enough memory.

Solid presentation, less PHP-oriented and much more related to other points of interesting when diagnosing and solving bottlenecks. Perhaps a bit condensed because of many sections that were covered.

Great talk, in-depth, with a lot of practical advices and figures to back the arguments up.

Great talk, covered some things I'd not considered.

Very good fast paced talk with lots of practical information

One of the conference highlights - really comprehensive. Enjoyed the explanation of real user monitoring techniques.

Always fantastic to hear ilia talk, this one started fairly high level and dove into increasingly specific and (for me at least) interesting areas. Great approach, and lots of practical advice.

Really in-depth presentation about bottleneck analysis, which covers all the aspects you might need to worry about. If your bottleneck isn't covered in the presentation, the mentality to figure out your problem definitely is!

An excellent presentation containing many salient points and information; this stuff should really be web engineering 101 but it's great to have the points hammered home.

My one (tiny) gripe was that Ilia spent some time on pointing out DNS resolution slowdowns but didn't mention any solutions (such as DNS pre-fetching in browsers).

Great! this talk was not just about using xhprof or xdebug+kcachegrind

Well worth the insight into another developers approach into making a website "quicker", and lots of useful stuff to take back to the office.

Great talk. People always seem to focus on the programming side and forget about everything else that can impact performance. This talk gave a real good idea of all the aspects that could be causing issues.

I hear about new bottlenecks while scaling on every conference. This presentation was really great and helped me to find some more bottlenecks again :-).

The talk was nicely divided into several chapters starting from client's point of view to server side business.