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Food was very good, and there was always coffee and juice available. Staff very friendly. The queues were pretty long, and it was difficult to find somewhere to sit and eat. Would have been nice to have different menus on the two days though.

Food was great and served efficiently. I'm not sure you can actually get food to that many people any quicker. Coffee (etc) seemed to always be available between talks which is important!

I wanted for nothing, all my food/drink needs were met. The quality of food and drink was many levels higher than I was expecting. Can I have the recipe for the Duck cassoulet?

Really difficult to find something to criticize. Food was great and inspite of the masses of people, everybody got their plate full. Yes, there were lines, but the waiting time was short.

Excellent. Agreed, something different for the two days would have been nice.

The food at the venue was very good however unless you sprinted out of the talk you were met with neverending queues.