Continuous Integration in Real Life


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Great overview of php CI world.

Really good talk, great speed throughout and well presented. Came away with some useful information.

Anonymous at 13:50 on 22 Feb 2013

Great talk about the opportunities with ci and examples of tools for php

Nice work Beth. Standing in at the last minute must be scary. Nice simple messages for the uninitiated. Good work!

Really good talk about CI, especially as you came in at the last minute.

Well rescued, a solid informative talk.

Very good. Brought all of the different aspects of CI together and well delivered.

Great introduction to the world of CI for PHP developers. Covers all the tools you need to get your builds automated. A nice addition would have been to touch on the subject of code coverage from your tests!

A very entry point talk about CI, with some issues related to testing good practices that can lead developers not familiar with test driven development and emergent design to conclude that testing is not very useful.