Event Stream Processing


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Ian Barber has a way of taking complex topics and explaining them in a way that makes it all seem easy. I know it will take me a lot more effort working with ReactPHP and EEP to achieve even the most simply even driven streams/aggregators/windows, but I'm inspired to try.

Complex ideas explained brilliantly.

Really well presented. As Mark feels, it's going to take time for me to understand how and where to use event streams but its done what I love a talk to do - opened my eyes and given me an entry point. Spot on.

Anonymous at 13:51 on 22 Feb 2013

Great talk - complex concepts presented in a real world relevant way

Awesome talk. It broke down what seemed like an enormously complex topic into easily understandable chunks. Live demo with React was great.

Consumate professional. Ian's talks always make you want to go away and immediately explore the concepts that were introduced.

Excellent talk, impressed by how simple having the basic CEP building blocks can be. And the "Sliding window" move is a winner.

and the above should have been a 5 star rating. Fat fingers or android client bug?

Brilliant presentation. Ian gets better every time I see him and the first time I saw him he was great. A tough subject presented with energy and obviously highly intelligent understanding.

Anonymous at 22:20 on 24 Feb 2013

Ian is a very bright chap. Well delivered

Ian is one of my favourite conference speakers: he is *VERY* technical and knows his stuff. The delivery is always top notch.

This talk was no different. Looking forward to see Ian present again.

Very clearly presented a complex technical subject with usful suggestions and libraries

As usual with Ian's talks, it was very well delivered, very technical and interesting.

Ian delivers as usual. Great, passionate and very knowledgeable speaker. Great topic and I wish I will have a chance one day to play with event processing on a scale he talks about!