Expert Troubleshooting: Resolving MySQL Problems quickly


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Felt more like a sales pitch to me. Promoting the Percona software and not actually giving advice on how to debug issues

@Scott: I am sorry you felt it sounded like a sales pitch. It was certainly not my intention to do so.

Many of the tools In Percona Toolkit were created because our consulting business had some need for it. Thats why I often refer to my experience that I gained when working with our customers.

Please note that all our tools are open source and freely to be used and enhanced by everybody.

Kenny Gryp.

Again, felt like a sales pitch. I think a high level overview to Percona toolkit at the beginning would have gone a long way rather than diving straight in. Too much information covered at a very fast pace.

I would have liked perhaps a little bit less information and have things covered a bit more. The title says "resolving MySQL problems", but no solutions to common issues were offered purely lots of different ways to find different issues. But perhaps it was to high of a level for me. the Expert should have been a key :D

I think once the video and slides show up I will be able to get a little bit more out of it at a slower pace.

Yes there was a sales pitch going on but it is free so thats cool. But useful all the same for native MySQL solutions.

I'm surprised people think there was a sales pitch in this talk. The fact is that Percona built a lot of tools, hence the name dropping. And I guess the majority of these tools are open source.

It's like calling a Zend Framework talk a sales pitch because the constantly refer to the term "Zend" and some of the Zend Framework speakers actually work for Zend.

Kenny is a true expert and knows his stuff. The reason why most people give a low score to this talk is because it was quite chaotic. The pace was too fast and there was just so much stuff in this talk.

I'm sure that once I see the video, I will extract all the info I need. Besides the chaotic delivery and the exhausting pace, this talk is still worth a 4-star rating because the quality of the content was very good.

This was a talk that interested me greatly. The biggest downside for me however was the lack of time. Jenny was obviously rushed and essentially rushed off after 45 minutes (from an organiser point of view this was understandable). I would have loved to have seen the whole talk as intended which would have stopped the jumping around slides that went on.

The persona tools mentioned certainly look interesting and I may look these up.

Is there a recording anywhere of the full talk?

A lot to take away from this, regardless of the percona pitch.

The speaker clearly knows his stuff but this was far too high-level for me and didn't really cover what I was hoping to take away from the talk - namely actual problem resolution. I think time management was clearly an issue also and this made it even harder to grasp some of what was talked about as there was no time to devote any real detail at any stage.

Good talk, the speaker clearly knew what he was talking about.

Good talk. Some useful problem->solution presentation on beginning. Then a bit confusing when percona solutions introduced. Anyway, it was a very good job.