Help, I'm Running Out of Memory!


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Comprehensive covering of all aspects of memory handling you need to be aware of when developing PHP applications, from hardware through OS/kernel, through C structures and how you need to be aware of them when coding PHP.

Well presented and delivered. A good insight to some of the under the bonnet aspects of PHP.

First time I saw Julien in action. It was in depth and liked it a lot. This talk went beyond the basic level and showed the crowd how memory management is done in PHP and on the operating system.

I learned a couple of things, so mission accomplished.

There was only one thing missing: a sort of conclusion and an answer to the question how we can actually optimize our memory consumption in PHP. A couple of pointers there would make a perfect ending to a great talk.

Very interesting talk that touched on how memory is allocated by php and how making some decisions causes unexpected memory issues. The speak obviously knew the subject matter and delivered this in a way that although knowledge of what a zval was you still got the gist