Keynote Panel - Open Source in Action


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The composition of the panel worked really well as discussions naturally flowed between the members. The moderators were sensitive to this and interjected only when needed. There wasn't a huge amount of audience participation, but this didn't detract from the session at all.

A great way to wrap up the conference.

Needed to hit a few more of the issues head on (maybe something vs something) but good panel and discussion

I found this to be a solid discussion of issues around Open Source. A few more audience questions would have been nice but I am as much to blame for that as anyone.

A good end to a great conference. This talk has gone some way to inspire me to contribute back to the open source community.

It was great to see the issues from Saturday followed up in a timely and well-thought-out fashion.

Good collection of speakers, and some excellent points.

It was only a pity we couldn't be trusted with a Twitterfall, but that's our fault!

A very good discussion on open source and php in general.

Some good points on related issues as well for exams diversity in open source and php. Sexism was a hot topic at the conference due to the PHPness tshirt but it was pointed out that diversity isn't just about someone's sex.

Good discussion about open source, touching subjects such as licenses, contributing and contributors variety.

Much better panel than the previous day. It was clear that organisers quickly learnt on their mistakes. An agenda, Jo and Zoe gave it a rhythm and made it interesting to hear and interact.