Making PHP See


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Anonymous at 19:17 on 23 Feb 2013

Nice intro to some interesting things you can do with images. Would have liked to see a demo with streaming content and facial detection.

Too short, lacked any inspiration. Sorry... it could have been a really good talk with lots of interaction but was really just a "use this tool" talk.

Will be checking out but like to see some better examples of what can be achieved for more practical and useful scenarios.

It was good to see something completely different from the normal uses PHP is put to. A few more (successful) usage examples of common things like face detection/recognition would help make this even better next time.

I found Michael's talk very informative. I knew very little about image manipulation or processing before the talk. Now I have some basic knowledge and know it's accessible via PHP - which I wouldn't have considered as a platform for doing this type of thing.

I thought the content delivery was well executed. A few more demos would have been good and the lighting didn't help one of the demos he did where he using his webcam.

All-in-all an informative talk that I've taken a bunch of stuff away from.