Monitoring at Scale: Intuitive Dashboard Design


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Covered the mess that dashboards can become, but could have introduced a bit more on the tool chain, and a little less of the bizarre graphs that manage to appear on certain dashboards.

Good pace, but i guess that the selection of issues / solutions can be improved next time (and if possible include a bit more details on the tool chains used).

Lots of practical advice for building dashboards and effectively communicating, a particularly good mix back to back with juneih's talk. Particularly liked the trick with monitoring the derivative of the value.

Anonymous at 09:07 on 25 Feb 2013

Pretty good talk, but I'd like to see more real-life examples of these "ideal" dashboards, complete with the required drilldowns.

My main thought during this talk was: I'm doing this wrong! I will now go back and take a good look at my own monitoring dashboards and apply some of Lorenzo's lessons.

Some excellent points made by Lorenzo - and the priming example went down a treat.

It certainly made me start thinking about the ways in which we can make dashboards more effective in grabbing our attention and bringing the salient points to light.

(Full disclosure: I work with Lorenzo...)

Good presentation. Helped me realized that some of my graphs are totaly wrong. Would be nice to see a little more from actual stack used with some real issues which had to be solved to get it working.

Lorenzo really managed to make this talk interesting and engaging.

Great talk by Lorenzo about how important it is to monitor system the right way. Lots of useful tips and hints. I will definitely watch the talk again when it's online and look into the tools he mentioned.

Excellent balance between theory and practice.