MVC Events and Module: the New Architecture of ZF2


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Nothing that I couldn't have learnt from the online tutorials but good to have the time to review and be introduced to it.

A nice introduction to ZF2 and looking forward to getting to grips with it.

Makes a nice change listening to a breakdown of the new key features of ZF2, rather than just reading the online tutorials. Looking forward to using it for new sites.. just not migrating the old :(

Anonymous at 07:55 on 26 Feb 2013

Very informativ. For me perfect, I am just in for migrating to ZF2 and the speach was very clear and informativ!

On right level, very informativ and entertaining. Feel inspired after this speach, must migrate at once!

Pretty good introduction to the MVC model in ZF2. Don't like to be critical when someone isn't speaking in their native language but it isn't ideal when discussing MVC for the speaker to pronounce the work "module" and "model" exactly the same!.

Very insightful talk and very hands-on. Will the slides be available?

Quite good talk, however it could use much more of examples on usage of the Service Manager and other aspects. As actual live talk it could have more "in between" slides explanations. In any way, Enrico did good job.

Thanks to all the attendees. I just uploaded the slides of the talk. I'm sorry if my pronounce was sometime confusing, i will improve it next time. Thanks for the feedbacks.