PHP Extensions


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An excellent and incredibly detailed talk on writing extensions and the PHP internals needed to do so - a neglected area of PHP's documentation; but I'll need to read and reread the slides to take it all in. Particularly appropriate as I submitted my first git pull to php-src while in the room listening.

Great intense talk, good pace, makes it really tempting to get more involved.

Very good talk of a very scary theme :)

Make me think of a few very small code changes on the internals in the future.

Anonymous at 09:05 on 25 Feb 2013

One of my favorite talks this year. Would like to see it extended to 90minutes.

Entertaining and informative, Could have done with being longer to go into real detail, but useful info abounded and some great insights into how to get things done.

Whens the next book!?!?

It was a good talk, I only wish Sara would have a bit more time to go through the details. It was the first time I have seen Sara talking, but she definitely delivers big style. And yes Sara, we need the new book. Tomorrow if you don't mind ;)

Things to improve? Stop copy/pasting content on your slides LOL