PHP is evil and wants to eat your babies: A look at defensive programming techniques in PHP


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Oh my god! *running away* :D
Ok this is horrible learnings! I am the scared! However most of this I did know but it's horrible to cover again. Didn't know about the null char terminator bug though! Very fast talk, would have maybe enjoyed a little bit more of "do this instead", but good.

Good talk. A little too focused on problems rather than solutions, but all portent stuff none the less.

Very interesting, would have liked more solutions to the problems presented though. More time should have been given for this presentation.

Engaging speaker, as said above would have liked a little more balance between problems/solutions

Amusing and confidently presented talk that went into some interesting security examples.

Well presented. Content a bit dull... nothing new.

Great style, it's left me scared, but I thats a good thing!

The best speakers are those who are truly passionate about their subject.

Well presented and certainly highlighted some security issues I had not previously been aware of. Could have perhaps been a little more concise however.

Anonymous at 09:06 on 25 Feb 2013

Speaker was great, but the balance between sarcasm / jokes and serious notes was off (at least for me).

Anonymous at 09:13 on 25 Feb 2013

Skip that comment, was for a different talk. Cannot edit my last post anymore...

A little to dramatic and could have done with more practical defensive techniques, but otherwise a good talk

Horrible talk, the speaker seemed to think of himself as God's gift to software development. After the speaker advised everyone to use php safe_mode and said that C creators were dumb for using /0 as a string terminator and that they should have allocated 2 or 3 bytes at the beging of strings (in an era where computers had a few K of memory, and a solution that would introduce a similar problem to the 2 digit dates on string) to define the string size I decided to leave the talk.