PHP Traits, Threat or Treat?


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Anonymous at 12:22 on 22 Feb 2013

The talk covered the content, but it felt as if the speaker didn't really know what he was talking about - just that he was reading from (badly rehearsed) slides.

While there was content there - the real content could have covered maybe 20 minutes?

Some interesting stuff. The seal was at times unsure if himself and appeared to be reading code to identify if something would work or not at times having to correct himself.

The content was good, but the speakered seemed unsure of himself at times. Lots of ums, and pauses.

Anonymous at 14:25 on 22 Feb 2013

Not bad

Interesting and explained Traits well enough for me to get a really good broad understanding and points to read further into as needed. Also going to make sure we upgrade production servers to PHP 5.4... :)

Good intro to traits, I certainly left feeling confident I knew how to use them

For me this talk didn't add much beyond the manual.
Don't have content at the bottom of your slides, only people at the front can see it.
Way too much jumping back and forth between slides.

Good insight into the cons of traits. Good talk.

Anonymous at 09:04 on 25 Feb 2013

I would have skipped the intro / conversion rate stuff, and maybe focus more on when it actually makes sense to use traits VS other approaches (ie. composition).