Programming languages that make you a better programmer


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One of my New Year's Resolutions was to learn a new programming language: either Ruby or Haskell. I'd decided on Ruby, because it was more use for working with Vagrant and Capistrano; but after this talk with DSP recommending Haskell, I'm inclined to learn both... hope I can find the time.

I'm always interested in learning new languages, and this talked reminded me once again that I should take a look at Haskell and Lisp, especially. The biggest minus with the talk was that David had to write the examples on a minor paperboard which made it impossible to actually see his examples.

Anonymous at 09:28 on 25 Feb 2013

Came half-way in, so didn't get all of it. My tips: On screen samples. It was pretty much impossible to see what was typed on the billboard/paperboard. Teased me enough to make me want to check out Haskell and Prolog anways.