Realtime Web Apps in the Wild


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Very interesting and inspiring. I don't need this (yet?) in my job, but will certainly play around with the technology. This is the kind of presentation why I attend the conference: discover new stuff! Thanks!

Great talk, interactive and fun!

Really enjoyed this talk, it's got me thinking about existing real time data in my apps and now what I can do with it, good to mention Ratchet as well ;)

This is my star of the conference. I wasn't terribly interested in realtime when I walked in, but how that has changed! The second screen app not only provided entertainment, but it directly showed us the power of this technology in a way that slides and words alone never could. Oh and I will point out that I was braced for a sales pitch, but it never came. Top marks.

Phil had a great presentation and the involvement of the audience was a great way to demo the technology (when it worked). He was also pushing (no pun intended) his own brand, which other speakers here have been criticised for. I don't see any real problem with that so much.

This is something I am definitely going to play with in the next few days, I have some polling scripts I can replaced with Pusher.

Really interesting talk made all the better by demonstrating what you can do with realtime apps - great idea. Shame some of the examples weren't working but can't mark down for that.