Scaling with HipHop


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Fascinating subject matter and insight into the tools that FB are developing for PHP. Engaging speaker, well delivered.

Good talking covering why FB gone in the trouble of creating hiphop and all the associated tools around it.

Makes me want to try it on my code.

Obviously there re major issues when you have a vast setup like FB. Interesting how to get around those issues. Super complex.

Anonymous at 09:10 on 25 Feb 2013

Great talk! The best talks are given by people like Sara. She's very outgoing and extremely insightful in the topic at the same time.

Great talk, although it was done quite quickly.

I experimented with HipHop a couple of years ago, right after the release. The problems I encountered there seem to be tackled. The extremely slow compilation process seems to be fixed, so I'll definitely give it another go.

Sara knows her stuff and give us the past, present and future of the project. Good one Sara!

I really enjoyed the talk. Although Sara was done in like 25 minutes or so she then just turned the session into Q and A which actually turned out to be really good. Glad I got to learn a little about hhvm. Hoping to give it a try sometime soon. She is an engaging speaker and is very knowledgeable which made the talk really good.