"Small Data" Machine Learning


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Anonymous at 15:16 on 22 Feb 2013

Interesting topic. Beautiful slides! Good that there was a working example to download too.

Anonymous at 15:20 on 22 Feb 2013

That was awesome!

Clear communication of a complex topic. Nice examples and the slides looked nice :)

I agree with Mark Fullbrook. Machine learning is not a simple topic but the talk got the points across really well. Slides and presentation were good and consistent. Using a good example like twitter really helped to explain the topic. I really enjoyed the talk.

Good talk, small example easy to follow.

Anonymous at 22:15 on 23 Feb 2013

Awesome!!! Off to do a maths degree next year, this was an interesting look at how code always does fall back to maths!

Applying ML to a real situation has made it much easier to grasp as opposed to pure theory. Very interesting talk @a great venue.

An excellent presentation; it took me back to my university group project on machine learning. As an anatomy of a real-world tool it was put into context marvelously, and Andrei was very clear on the finer points. Got me itching to get stuck back into it myself, which is the sign of a great presentation.