The future of the PHP Development Environment


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Anonymous at 11:30 on 23 Feb 2013

Good introduction to Vagrant and how it can be used to manage virtual dev environments. Despite this being his first talk, Jeremy gave a thorough and professional coverage of the topic. One suggestion is to test slides on a projector beforehand, because colored text doesn't always come out well, so turning off syntax highlighting or using different, more contrasting colors may help.

interesting talk, particularly interested in the aws integration. Live demo would help the uninitiated but appreciate time is short.

Good introduction to Vagrant. Slides need a bit of work, incorrect links and typos but good talk!

Great first talk. Well delivered. Covered a lot of ground. Agree with bad syntax highlighting colours.
Maybe a demo in the style of yesterday's AWS presentation would be a good addition.

Great stuff, great talk

Great introduction to Vagrant. Broad coverage of important areas with lots of hands on examples.

Solid first conference talk, and I'd encourage to Jeremy give more talks. The talk gave a good historical context to the problem to be solved, gave practical advice on how to implement Vagrant et al to solve that problem that attendees could immediately go and implement, and gave his thoughts and knowledge on likely near-future developments. All backed by clear, uncluttered and readable slides.

To improve his delivery I'd recommend speaking *much* slower, and trying to avoid 'space filler' words. I counted 68 "you know"s and 53 "erm"s.

Thanks very much for the feedback Elliot. When I practised the talk with friends I got feedback on speed and space fillers so I could have perhaps done a bit better on it. Unfortunately nerves do sometimes take over and it slips back in. Its something I will work on for sure and if I get the opportunity to talk again I'll certainly aim to improve on it.

Great talk, interesting and inspiring. Motivated me to get started right away.

Solid introduction to vgrant

Great choose of subject, I'm glad that it made me aware of Vagrant.

About presentation: you seemed a bit nervous, and there was a bit af over usage of "cool" - check the video - but that fine for first talks.

Great introduction, look forward to having a go with vagrant.
For a first conference talk it was very good! Got to agree with Elliot, need to slow it down a little!

Anonymous at 19:23 on 23 Feb 2013

Great talk, great content. Hopefully some of the positive comments here will give you more confidence.

Enjoyed the talk. As other commenters have said, a live demo would have really added to the experience. Great talk.

Monday morning, 9am... vagrant up!

Informative and good presentation.

Good talk, managed to get it running on mac, and vs 1.06 works out of the box on it (with the latest virtualbox).

Looking forward for the AWS support and vs. 1.1

Understandable nerves, but didn't detract from the subject matter in my view. Vagrant is one of my favourite techs that I discovered through this community, awesome stuff.

Loved it.. SO going to use this!

I've been using VMWare for development environments for a while now, but it's good to see how a tool like Vagrant is evolving to simplify this process and how people use it in practice. Jeremy was honest about the fact that it's not perfect yet, but I'm looking forward to seeing wider adoption of this technique... and hopefully VMWare support in Vagrant soon!

Lots of information crammed in there; good context and confident delivery; most of the question answering at the end was excellently handled.

I feel that if I wasn't already aware of the technologies described and their upsides that I would have gotten a lot more from the talk than I did.

A very good talk. I personally have never used vagrant but it certainly looks interesting and helps standardise environments. Your talk has made me wish to try it now.

Interesting stuff!

Good talk from a first time speaker and a great introduction to Vagrant - clearly a developer from the design of his slides though!

A good introduction into Vagrant and virtualisation. If only there was a bit more time to show more... maybe a bit of a live demo. Good talk in general, could be turned into a really interesting workshop, or maybe extending into showing a few more complex use cases.