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Fab talk on how to communicate better in your code and why it's important. Nice audience interaction and well made points

Anonymous at 15:36 on 23 Feb 2013

And I agree, if it needs refactoring refactor it.

Intriguing use of the "way the brain thinks" examples leading into a talk on why and how we should make our code more readable for others. And the interactive elements of the talk made it most entertaining.

Interesting talk, with some good insights into how easy it can be to make code which fails to clearly communicate, and useful suggestions on how to avoid it. Very much liked the drawings on the slides as well.

Anonymous at 09:26 on 25 Feb 2013

Was sad when the talk was cancelled on friday, so quite happy to get to see it on saturday. June is a great speaker, and the talk itself was interesting, even if I already follow some of the practices and tips described. Kudos for interesting discussion after.

PS: Lorenzo Alberton from Monitoring in Scale had some of the same brain-tricks (SOAP, SOUP, SLAP, SNAP) slides, which was quite amusing.

Good talk! I always enjoy listening to June and her "psychological" talks. I always learn something new about myself and my brain. She did improve from the last year in confidence, but still needs it a bit more. There is a small step from there into a passionate talk that will be remembered by many people.

One of my favourite talks of the whole conference: June is a charming and generous presenter. I did feel that while it touched on many interesting topics it might have been a bit light on in-depth content? But that just made me want there to be a sequel. Best after-talk discussion session of the weekend by a hundred miles, too.