Usability for Developers


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Great intro to website usability with fun and informative examples.

Great topic, as we all need to appreciate more about this. I think there were more laughs in this talk than any other I attended, all of which enhanced rather than distracted the points the speaker was conveying. Would be great to see a follow-on talk going in to more detail on how developers can enhance their awareness of UX.

Just a usability talk, rather than for developers but good content and well delivered

Anonymous at 23:21 on 23 Feb 2013

It was not new as I already have experience with usability but enjoyed every minute!

A good talk and very well delivered. I did however feel that the majority of the issues covered were common sense issues.

A good talk, especially for developers who are new to usability. Although, for someone who's read a few Jakob Nielsen articles it didn't offer much that's new.

Obviously it's important not to forget the lessons learned over the years, and fun to look at some obviously bad sites, but it would be good also to get insight into more current questions: should password fields be in plaintext? Any pitfalls with responsive design? How to avoid pitfalls like etc.

The discussion about some surprising decisions in Facebook and Gmail design was good, and so was the audience participation.

Excellent talk. Beth presented the subject matter using good examples and trying to engage the audience. The talk was a very conversational approach instead of talking at the audience. Beth appeared friendly and bubbly throughout and even after the talk at the social (like many several other speakers) took the time and spoke to many attendees. A great asset to any conference.

That reminds me must renew my subscription might do that right now :)

Great talk by Beth. I was a bit concerned initially that this talk would be too low-level as I know a bit about usability already. The talk really developed as it went on though with good practical examples and insights and I took away some really good ideas.

Really good talk. What made it stand out from others talks on same subject were good examples (ie. Facebook backgrounds, Gmail,..) together with interaction with audience (putting them in customer seat). Enjoyed it!