You Can't Optimise What You Can't Measure


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great idea. excellent content. overlay of VCS deployments with metrics was the penny dropping moment

Good content, well delivered - everyone should be doing this!

Good talks by an experienced and knowlegdeable speaker. I could have appreciated a bit more examples and technical content, although the real life business examples were quite useful.

A great talk and opened my eyes to other possibilities of locating issues. Of course requires pre planning so the information is collected. You are quite right looking at logs may not actually show you the bigger picture. For example the situation you described with the update and the influx of forum posts may take quite a long time to identify it was due to a new release using other methods especially if the support staff are separated from the developers and releases.

Oh and a quick question which I don't think got answered in the talk no sitting on the fence now

Do you like logs?

Really enjoyed the talk and the humorous approach. Will most certainly be implementing statsd sometime in the near future. Liked the way stats were correlated to deployments that would be a big win for me.