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Great talk, entertaining speaker. The visual aids really helped with understanding the algorithms.

Great talk, great speaker! Even despite the jet-lag!

Great talk. Brilliant topic. thanks! Even if I can understand that you were tired, organize that you arrive earlier and come rested :)

Interesting and engaging talk, well delivered.

Great talk, it's always good to be reminded stuff about classic algorithms.

The heap sort one would just have needed a tree representation along with the state of the collection of items, but we'll see what can be done for that ;-)

The presenter was nice and seemed like an experienced guy.
No idea why would this topic be chosen for a conference.

Very, very basic, nothing to do with PHP whatsoever.
Anyone who wants people to call him a software developer should know these things, at least the classification of sort algorithms.

Not to mention the search algorithms which were even more basic, and the author failed to mention that they work for sorted data. (Yes, I know it was implied, but... )

This is one of the talks I would switch because it didn't teach me anything.

@author: Don't get upset with my review, the presentation itself was cool, I could see you are interested in the subject, but I don't think there is place for this at a conference.

Good interesting talk and well delivered from a good speaker

I was glad the slot for this talk was switch as it was the perfect way to end the conference. A very back-to-basics talk, which, judging by those I was with, also introduced some of the algorithms to those without a Computer Science background. It was entertainingly presented and having the code power the demonstration slides was a very nice (and confident - randomly fed data?!) touch.

Presented by a fantastic entertainer with really great interactive slides. Even though the content really only contained some fairly basic computer science it seemed to be something new for most people in the room and if, like myself, this is stuff that you've not been working with on a day to day basis it provided and as a fun and exciting review.

Personally I'd like to have gone into more depth, particularly with the more complex algorithms but I think I was about as tied and Rowan at this point and therefore it probably wasn't the time for that :-)

Conclusion, as a slightly more "outside this box" talk for a PHP conference I think this fitted in perfectly for people who wanted something a bit more interesting and different while still being relevant.

Rowan is a great guy and a great speaker. And I felt very sympathetic about the sleeplessness+jet-lag. I don't think that affected the talk, maybe even made it slightly more entertaining (I mean Rowan's jokes about it).
The content of the talk, however seemed rather basic, and the most mind-bending areas were mostly skipped. Reminded me of a very compressed university course - yet if you didn't know this before, I don't think you could grasp it in this amount of time. I agree that visualizations make it more PopSci (thus easier to understand).