Building scalable PHP applications using Google’s App Engine


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Anonymous at 20:29 on 22 Feb 2014

Anonymous at 17:30 on 23 Feb 2014

Although this talk presumably aims to encourage people to try out Google App Engine, it didn't come over as a sales pitch. In fact, it felt no different to any talk explaining the virtues of some open source project.

I noted down a couple of questions along the way, then scrubbed them out as the next slide had the answer.

Ian and Mandy both gave good talks for their parts. I'm not terribly keen on two speakers (or two news presenters on BBC News 24!) as it never seems to add anything, but they didn't get in each others way or make an annoying double act. Mandy could possibly be audibly clearer at times, but that was a very slight issue.

The last talk slot before the closing address has the drawback of people coming into the room from other tracks during the Q&A. If it wasn't for this, and being a bit tired by then, I might have asked about the costs of app engine, how easy it is to predict and manage the costs, as this is an issue with any dynamic cloudy services.

Well presented, good talk (although not a fan of 2 presenters either).

Although I was glad it wasn't a sales pitch, would have liked to have seen a little bit of "app engine is better than AWS/someone else/ because of XYZ".

(and it was quite funny that the last talk in the rackspace track was about app engine!)


Really interesting talk, a lot of to think about.

Interesting talk with some points for thought (although I don't feel the appengine is quite ready for php yet - still seems a bit rough around the edges). However I'm not sure I felt the need to have the two presenters as the division between the two felt a bit forced.