FAIL: The Best Ways to Bring Down Your Website


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Anonymous at 15:09 on 21 Feb 2014

Great, but short talk! Engaging speaker!

A good speaker but felt the talk lacked valuable content.

Great talk with good anecdotes to back up ideas. A little short on content perhaps, I would have loved to see examples of tools used to stress test. In defence of the speaker I suspect this talk was a late addition therefore prepared on short notice?

Fun enough talk with some good & funny anecdotes but I felt it lacked helping us to real solutions. Bit too short too!

Very funny. Very good. Very short.

Ditto other comments - I think Glen mentioned that he'd been drafted in at short notice.

I like Glen, he is clearly an accomplished speaker. However I felt there little substance or new ideas. New ideas, more detailed examples and scenarios would help.

Good topic and a fun talk but very short (as others have said - I think Glen mentioned he got asked to do the talk last minute?).

Anonymous at 20:15 on 23 Feb 2014

This talk was a joke. It was only 15 minutes long with no substance content. I was expecting a lot more from a person that has such an amazing CV as Glen does.

It was nice to hear what can you expect at big production sites, you can see that Glen is experienced.
Good point about testing architecture.

Apart from that hardly any content and short.

Anonymous at 15:40 on 24 Feb 2014

An interesting informative talk. Raised some interesting points to consider with regards to architecture that I'd never thought about.

It wasn't too hard going and technical. Glen made the talk humorous which was just what I needed after the previous two awesome but heavy going talks.

Very poor talk content-wise. There were a few problems raised, but no solutions given. The only valuable thing to bring home from the talks was that 'infrastructure is not fixed anymore'. Yet this was reiterated in the next days keynote anyway. It was funny, but not value for money.