Gathering Metrics with Statsd and Graphite


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Anonymous at 16:01 on 21 Feb 2014

Great Talk, I really enjoyed it. Great introduction to using statsd and graphite. I have been inspire to convince work we need to be using them.

Really useful info. Will be putting into practice. Thanks.

A good introduction to statsd, something I'd not used before. Well presented by an engaging speaker.

Interesting topic and some things I'd like to try coming out of this one. Good speaker and appreciated the examples.

Very interesting topic which was delivered well.

Really informative and useful introduction to what look like a couple of great tools. Definitely need to give StatsD and Graphite a go.

Even though I only saw the last part of the talk, I really could tell Jeremy is a great speaker. The talk itself seemed a little bit dry (but that isn't always a bad thing though), and questions were handled nicely as well. Keep up the good work!

Have not really paid any attention to these tools in the past and sort of just chose this talk by random. Was a very clear explanation of how to get some good use out of this tool suite and while I don't think I'll be using it immediately it's now at the back of my mind and one day I think what I saw here will be extremely useful!

Pretty interesting stuff, definitely will use these methods to find our our peak work rate / capacity is, (and in turn how we can bill clients), what causes issues, how to make a system usage dashboard etc. Well delivered too!