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Solid talk with useful and relevant content

A good speaker with lots of information

Wow - I had no idea that the Intl extension was so extensive. Many thanks for a super-informative talk.

Anonymous at 15:35 on 22 Feb 2014

Very informative talk and well presented

Anonymous at 20:22 on 22 Feb 2014

Extremely interesting, informative and useful talk. And having a speaker who clearly knows the subject inside out always helps. I'm not particularly a fan of allowing questions during a talk and it felt like those in this talk did break the flow a little bit at times, but I suppose when the talk is structured into sections it doesn't hurt too much.

Very helpful review of the library, and the difficulties with 118n in general. Given the scope of the problem and the tools available there were always going to be bits left out, but I thought what was described was a good selection of the most useful and widely applicable parts of intl.

The best talk all weekend for me. I definitely learned the most here, and will definitely see how we can improve our i18n and l10n in our platform.

Thanks Andrei!

My favourite talk from this year's conference. Internationalisation and localisation often cause issues and intl seems like a great step forward. I want to use it now. The speaker was clear and gave a concise introduction into the subject, with some great examples.

I found this a very engaging talk, which provided a number of practical use cases, highlighting the diversity and capability of the library. It provided me with some solutions and inspiration for solutions to existing challenges I have. So for me, it was a solid, and very beneficial talk.

Excellent talk with some super useful tools thrown in to boot. Presented well, clear and concise. Really enjoyed this one.

Good talk, showed many new possibilities. Yet there was so much content, that all I remember is "google about intl, it has many great features". I'd says selecting a subset of the features and showing practical (preferably real-life) examples of its use would be more practical.