Maximising Performance in ZF2


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Great talk. Solid, relevant and detailed content. Exactly what I wanted.

Exactly as advertised by a good speaker

Best one I've attended. On topic, solidly presented. Everything I needed.

The only talk i'll be giving 5 stars. Very relevant for anyone using ZF2 with content that I can implement right away. Was not disappointed. Thank you.

Fantastic talk which I believe provided useful tips for ANYONE using ZF2. Obviously it has a limited audience however I feel that Gary made an extra special effort to make sure it was accessible to beginners but also provided depth and usefulness to people with an advance level of working with ZF2. There are things that I learnt in this talk which I will start applying straight away.

Good talk, I do appreciate that were shown a few ZF2 dark corners.

Whilst I'm proficient with Zend Framework 1 & 2, this talk gave me so many gems which I can begin using straight away, as well as reinforcing some of the approaches which I already take. Whether you're a beginner or more experienced with ZF2, this talk has something for you.