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Very good talk, I really enjoyed it. Well done, Julien!

Very well done Julien.

Can you comment on your statement that if the cache memory is full it will restart and your site is offline?

That sounds like a scary thing to hang over your production. If you have a code base of more than 100K scripts it is not quite possible to 'compile' them in advance?

Also does it have to go in shared memory? Can we use for instance SSD to augment the available space?

Anonymous at 09:29 on 23 Feb 2014

Anonymous at 09:37 on 23 Feb 2014

Nice talk, a good explanation of what PHP is doing behind the scenes and how opcache can speed it up.

I have a question that i've thought of since the talk - what happens if you install opcache on a server than is running multiple websites? Is there a shared cache that will quickly get overwhelmed or will php cache each site individually?

In short - is this only for use on sites that run on their own servers? If anyone knows I would be interested to hear, thanks.

Great talk and I think very current with developers right now. At the end of your presentation you said that the slides would be put on here will this be done.

Top talk, gave real insight into what's going on underneath, and some useful tips and pointers on usage and things to watch out for.

Anonymous at 11:29 on 24 Feb 2014

Very interesting and despite the fairly heavy subject matter, everything was explained clearly and well enough that I could follow despite not having much experience with OPCache or the underbelly of PHP. I think fewer examples of opcode optimisations and a bit more time on where/how to use OPCache might've been more beneficial to me, but that would probably be better to cover in another talk.

As James Shaw highlighted, a bit more time on where/how to use OPcache might have been more beneficial?

We already use OPCache with PHP 5.5 so I was hoping to see some configuration options or maybe some optimisation tips. What the talk covered was instead, a rather interesting and detailed explanation about how it all works, rather than any configuration/optimisation.

Not sure what I can take away from this talk.

Great speaker, and very detailed explanation of how it all works with great accompanying slides.

As introduction to OPCache, really good talk.

will the presenter share the slides?