PHP At The Firehose Scale


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Very good overview of what a firehose is, and a compelling argument for the use of PHP in these kind of environments. Nice slides, and very well presented.

You can find the slides here:

I really enjoyed this talk, lots of common sense, pragmatism, very well presented and some examples about all the good things that good old PHP still has

Well done

I thought this talk was a bit slow, but quite interesting none the less. Good to see PHP being used with huge scale data

Shamefully I actually thought that a firehose was something else, but I really enjoyed seeing that PHP can be used at the firehose scale.

Great overview of the DataSift software architecture. I found it particularly interesting to see how PHP can be sandwiched between C++ and Scala, balancing developer productivity and application performance.

The best talk of the conference, IMHO.

Anonymous at 12:52 on 26 Feb 2014