PHP in Space


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Good fun talk from an enthusiastic speaker. (Thanks for Xdebug)

great and refreshing talk. can you please remind me the name of 'the rocket game'?

I thought the topic and content was interesting but the relevance to PHP was some what lacking.

Great talk. Some cool maths and a few explosions. Must find some time to play with the libs mentioned in the talk.

Interesting and well presented, fun topic, but not relevant.

Anonymous at 20:29 on 22 Feb 2014

As interesting as the content was, it was a bit light on PHP.

I guess the subject was 'fun' from an physical or mathematical perspective; it really lacked any relevance to PHP which was disappointing.

I choose this talk as I have an interest in this sort of stuff, however there were a few reasons where I feel that is just didn't live up to what I had hoped for:

* It was more of a description of the library that Derick had written (i.e. this function does this and this function does that). I really would have preference more indepth information on the algorithms and just a mention that the library exists if I want to use them. It seemed more like just showing off that he had written a library.

* Very very limited scope, the stuff about working out the shortest distances on the surface of the earth was probably the only useful thing, the stuff about the moon and sunrise could be use for gimicky, dynamic backgrounds on a website, all the rocket stuff was completely useless in PHP (at this point in time) and with out more theory it was not very interesting.

* Would have been much more interesting in a language which can be interacted with in real time. If it was done in Javascript for example you could model the rockets and have them flying about the screen, however PHP currently doesn't really provide any libraries for real time graphics.

* Too much Kerbal Space Program footage, some people may have like it and I have wanted to see what is is like to play however I didn't really think it had much place here at the conference. The short videos were fine but the full flight one had nothing to gain from it and had no real relevance.

I do understand using a language such as PHP to test out formulas, methods, physics and ideas for yourself, I do it all the time, but it has very limited scope to share that test code with others imho

That's valuable feedback Tom. Thanks for taking the time to comment so elaborately.

Anonymous at 12:53 on 26 Feb 2014

Entertaining, scientific, interesting - yet of little relevance. With a big disclaimer that php will hardly be used, it would have better expectation/reality alignment. Enjoyed it anyway.