'ProTalking' your way into Open Source


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Sorry! But I felt the talk lacked technical content and focused too much on the human element.

The talk outlined some of the basic obstacles of participating in Open Source projects, while looking at some of the benefits of doing so.... as such, it was never intended to be a "technical talk" and was all about the human element of participation.... and the Q&A was extremely useful

Anonymous at 11:22 on 22 Feb 2014

Talk was at a basic level. I'd suggest more discussion of open source politics and standards rather than human fear coping etc. Did learn about some new resources though.

Very enjoyable and a good introduction on how and why to contribute to open source.

Great sharing of your personal experience. I think it would be also good to talk about the fact that the opensource world might be more complicated, especially to be included in some projects, and it's a part of the difficulties.
A big project might have big rules, a smaller one will have smaller rules, but in any case, contributing is always rewarding!

Anonymous at 13:51 on 23 Feb 2014

Thanks, this was a great talk. I'm the sole PHP developer at the company I work for which means nobody ever sees my code and i'm kind of on my own when it comes to trying to work out the best way to do something.

I was interested in the mentoring stuff that was mentioned, this seems like a good way for me to work with other developers and learn something new. If my code is bad I want to know about it so that I can improve.

This is also one of the reason I am reluctant to get involved with an open source project - code confidence, like you said.

Anyway, I got some nice tips from this talk and i'm hoping I can find a mentor and maybe put some code out there for the world to inspect...

Anonymous at 17:28 on 23 Feb 2014

Good to hear the reasons why we should be contributing, but think a better walk-through of Git and GitHub would have been hugely useful to the people that this talk was pitched at.

I thought this was a good talk. The content was informative and it covered all the basic points that a person considering contributing to open source should be thinking about.

The human element of the talk was refreshing. The talk was based on the speakers own experience which highlighted how beneficial open source projects can be in improving not only technical skills but also social skills, improving confidence and finding yourself within a community.

It was clear that the speaker was inexperienced and nervous but managed to produce a clear, proficient talk.

A very nice gentle talk at the end of a long day. Inspired me to start contributing after many years of good intentions.