(Re)discovering the SPL


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Enlightening content, even if I have come away with mixed feelings about using the SPL...

Agree with Chris Levy... not sure if we should use SPL at all after this talk :)

Very well presented and lots of fun with PHP weirdness!

Interesting talk about a part of PHP that is mostly ignored (for a reason). Think i will treat SPL a bit like traits and other stuff in PHP - it has it's uses, but treat with care, otherwise maintainability may suffer.

Amusing talk basically bashing SPL and saying why its crappy. I think I'll be avoiding the SPL in the future.

Anonymous at 09:04 on 22 Feb 2014

Pretty good explanation of some SPL features and quirks. Puts you off using SPL at the same time as making you want to try it and make it better. The word 'iterator' didn't sound right anymore by about half way through.

Very good presentation. I know now more about why I stayed away from this part of the language, but I want even more to try using it.

Thought this was just going to be tutorial but ended up being an enlightening talk and really well presented.

Enjoyable and interesting talk. And although it was mostly about the problems with the SPL, I still got the overall message 'it's good, you should use it, but here's what's going to trip you up'.

Anonymous at 21:05 on 22 Feb 2014

This was an interesting topic, I personally only started to use some of the SPL libraries within the last year. I feel as though the SPL is still very confusing (mainly the naming) but I can see that it includes lots of useful functionality. This talk opened up some of the possibilities for these under-used libraries.

Anonymous at 09:30 on 23 Feb 2014

Thanks all for the good reviews. I showed you some of the quirks of the SPL which can bite you when you are a beginner, but the message of the talk is that even despite these quirks popping up now and then, actually using the SPL will benefit you in the end. Learn and love the SPL, and don't hesitate to blog your experiences on it!

Solid talk. Great subject for any PHP developer new or experienced. Thank you.

Excellent talk, kept us laughing all the way through a heavy topic!

Of the talks that I attended, this is the one that had me laughing and smiling the most. Josh's dry humour cut through what is after all a heavy subject. Great stuff.

This was a great talk, especially given the complexity of the topic. Joshua's sarcastic humour really helped to make learning SPL much simpler, especially given the naming style which can often times be very confusing. Well worth it and he's clearly very knowledgeable about the topic.

Excellent blend of humour and content. Neither detracting from the other. Also despite taking the angle of the problems with the spl still came across as a positive talk. This gave me the motivation to final start a wrapper library (I've been pondering it for a while): https://github.com/meadsteve/spl-fix