RPM'ing your apps and tools


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Well presented but didn't feel relevant (with chef/puppet/composer etc). Also an introduction to yum probably wasn't needed. Still, I learnt about yum history!

I think that we developers should be aware of how devops work. I really liked to see this kind of talks in a developers conference plus I really enjoyed it.

Hello James, I'm really curious on the 2 star rating. What did you miss on the talk? Would you liked to have more (in-depth) info on how / why to use RPM? Real life use-cases etc? Hope you still had an enjoyable talk nevertheless!

@javier: People needing to know more about devops/ops in general is why I submitted the talk. To be honest, I think it would make an excellent presentation for a side-track. Not sure about having such talk on the main track though (although I never mind, obviously). Luckily, more and more developers are getting more curious about these things, so expect more ops-related talks in the future!

Hi Joshua,

The 2stars was more about the relevance of the talk - not how it was presented. I thought the talk was really good (presented), but I didn't really find how (or why) it was useful to me in a world of composer, etc. - so yes, more about the how and why really.